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Available by Appointment. Individual or group instruction. Inquire by sending a message or email

Cloth diapering and Elimination Communication: Curious about cost effective alternatives to disposable diapers? Want something that will help you avoid diaper rashes and newborn poop-splosions while making potty training almost a non-issue? Learn about all the diapering (and un-diapering) options out there and try out a few diapers on a demo doll to find your favorite. You’ll get to see and compare disposables vs hybrid vs a variety of cloth diapers and learn how to use baby’s elimination instincts to naturally and easily guide them out of diapers. Limit 10 people for group. Private instruction also available.


Babywearing 101: Want another way to soothe and bond with your baby? Be able to both hold your baby and get stuff done at home? Discover the many benefits of babywearing and how it may fit into your lifestyle. Learn about the different baby carriers, benefits and uses of the various types, and find one that would fit your needs best. Max 10 people for group. Private instruction also available.


Baby-led weaning and nutrition: Learn about baby’s nutritional needs ages 0-2, what is baby-led weaning and how to do it, what is in common foods marketed for babies and how to choose amongst them based on ingredients, baby’s needs, and quality. Minimize future picky eating, let your baby continue fostering their satiety mechanism, and help them fulfill their nutritional needs through food.  Max 10 adults.

Pregnancy and Birth Comfort Measures: Birth doesn’t have to be painful or scary and pregnancy doesn’t have to be miserable. Avoid the common stress triggers and symptoms; get tips for swollen feet, nausea, tiredness, getting through contractions and lower back pain, naturally helping baby drop and get labor moving along, and more. Learn over 10 different methods, including medical, you can use to mentally prepare for birth, have a better birth experience, and increase comfort during pregnancy. 

Diastasis Recti: Identifying, Preventing, Healing: Ab separation can cause many problems from lower back pain to hernias to incontinence. Over 80% of pregnant women experience some degree of it after giving birth. Learn how to modify any workout and learn new moves to help strengthen your core and pelvic floor to both minimize your risk of developing this and to promote healing after. 

Easing into clean eating: Learn about the most common toxins in your food, what their effects are on your health, and how to avoid them. Totally overhauling your current diet is a long process and a daunting task. You’ll learn tips on how to ease into it so it’s sustainable for you and your family. 

Easing into green living: Your environment has a huge impact on your health. Toxins from your surroundings cause everything from chronic diseases to headaches. Where do you begin if you want to lower your exposure in a way that maximizes health benefits for you? The overwhelming amount of information is pared down for you into easy to implement guidelines highlighting the top environmental toxins, where they’re found, and what you can do to avoid them. 

Postpartum meal preparation: Learn how to incorporate nutritional needs to aid in post birth recovery into your cooking and family’s current diet. You will discover foods to promote milk production (and to stop lactation), help ease after-pains, balance hormones and restore blood loss, gain strength, and overall heal. Proposed meals will be nutrient dense to provide easily digestible vitamins and minerals for the mom and baby. Learn tips to prep with limited time and little freezer space. You will receive a sample menu and some recipes. 

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