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The Doula Business Guide

The Doula Business Guide by Patty Brennan is amazing! If I didn’t have 10,000 other books I want to buy I would certainly invest in this one. Taking copious notes and making copies of the pages that stood out to me the most will have to do for now. Patty gives a variety of great templates for setting up your doula business from part time self-employment to running a company and everything in between. She thoroughly, clearly, and fairly simply tells you how to manage all aspects of the doula business. I already had ideas of where I wanted my business to be 5years from now and I knew roughly how to get there but this book gave me a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet for my plans. Best of all, because she wrote the information in such an easily accessible way, it all seems very doable and gives me more confidence to continue following my plans.

I would definitely recommend this book to any doula who wants to take her work to a serious business level. A volunteer doula or someone just doing this casually on the side as maybe a backup for someone else will find most of what she says pretty irrelevant. It is a book written for entrepreneurs. Picking it up, I haven’t considered that too much and just knew I wanted to do doula work as my main career. The guidance she gives for setting up your own business is so great that I am confident I can jump in 100% and entrepreneurship is for me. I am a fairly cautious person though so I’ll always have financial backups but with her guidance I feel comfortable jumping into the deep end with no floaties, only a nearby kickboard to grab onto.

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