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Postpartum Recovery

Every birth experience is unique; you cannot have a blanket expectation of how recovery will be for everyone, yourself included. But, eventually you find a new normal and there are things you can do to make yourself more comfortable on your journey there.

Physical comfort and recovery

Soreness, swelling, bruising - herbal sitz baths, peri bottles, a few pellets of Arnica (a homeopathic herb) 30C (1-2 pellets every 2-3hrs the first day, then 3-5 pellets 2-3 times a day, as needed)

Fatigue, general tiredness - placenta smoothies or placenta pills (help rebalance hormones, replenish vitamins and minerals, promote breastmilk production). Diet is very important for recovery too - bone broth is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Exercise can also be started as soon as you'd like, following cues from your body. If bleeding increases, slow down. Otherwise, going on walks and doing gentle exercises will help ease you into your new body. Dieting and breastfeeding do not go together but with great nutrition and exercise you can be quickly get fit once again. (see prenatal and postpartum fitness)

To realign uterus and help balance hormones - Mayan massage. It helps with fertility, menstrual cramps, pms and more. More info

Mental comfort and recovery

In the first few weeks, having a newborn can be overwhelming. If you do not have support from family or friends, consider hiring a postpartum doula. If things get too difficult or you're so overwhelmed that you're having trouble focusing on daily life, seek counseling for postpartum depression. Depending on your life prior to baby, this new life can look completely different. Whatever the change may be, embrace it. Your baby is here to stay and if you make him your priority and take care to listen to his needs, adjustment will be much easier. Babies don't come with manuals but you also don't need one. They are born helpless but they can also communicate their needs fairly well through cries, fussing, and certain motions. Communicating with your baby from the start will make the adjustment much easier and more peaceful for your family. Just listen and most likely your baby will tell you what he needs. It is also helpful to join a new moms group, La Leche League, or a chapter of the positive birth movement, if you have one near you. Aside from google, you can find groups  through facebook, meetup, and yahoo local. Or get creative and find something that interests you and brings new moms together such as baby and me classes, BWI meetings, or baby storytime at your local library.


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