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Find Your Inner Strength


Are you ready to experience the birth of your dreams?

Start your entry into motherhood with NO REGRETS?

Have you come across a mom who looked back with regret on her birthing experience or early newborn days and said... I wish I knew...?

Let's eliminate that. Be in charge of your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Your body and baby know what to do. I will help you tap into that and follow your instincts. 

From the moment you join, I will help you connect to your full vision.

What you truly want your experience to look like - without the compromising for "what if's".

You will create a customized plan for birth, pregnancy, and the early days with your baby. 

We'll identify and work through any fears or traumas that are holding you back from connecting with that vision. 

You'll get info and resources to make your dreams a reality and deal with obstacles. 

You'll get a full childbirth education course complete with pregnancy support and newborn care.

Things change during pregnancy, new fears come up, doubts arise, you may need to adapt while holding your vision intact.

With 9 months of continuous support, you'll easily move past them and stay connected to your inner strength.

Support will be done via a Facebook group and with weekly group Zoom calls. 

PDFs and accompanying videos covering 19 topics in support of natural pregnancy, birth, recovery, and newborn care are included.

Bonus: First 3 spots also include biweekly individual zoom call support

**Please let me know if your best email is different from PayPal**

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