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Natural Parenting Quick Start Guide

When you’re not in the baby and motherhood world, you may not even know all the ways you can choose the more natural way.

How could you? It’s not mainstream.

(I’m thinking about the time I asked my midwife what diapers she used for her baby and she said none ... as in her baby never wore diapers !).

What else would you not even think to learn about?

Even the crunchiest mamas you know who may have tried things like this, usually give up or give in to the “norm” at some point.

I don’t.

I fully value the natural way of doing things. Especially in pregnancy, birth, and anything baby related. I’ve been there. I’m still there!

I’ve read all the books, taken the classes, the workshops, watched the documentaries, and learned by living it.

I tend to exhaust all the natural ways before I consider the unnatural - in as small amounts as possible. I KNOW the importance of wanting to follow through on something you truly value.

I also know how time consuming and overwhelming it can be to not only find out what there is to look up but to then go ahead and read up on it.

How do you know what will apply to you? What parts do you need to pay attention to? Not to mention implementing is a whole other thing of its own.

🌱Enter the Natural Mama Quick Guide. I took everything that would apply to you in pretty much any motherhood scenario and narrowed it down to the top 19 concerns.

🌱For each there is a short video (10min on average) and a one page document. I cover the main things you’d need to know for each topic and let you know where you may want to read up further to take full control of your pregnancy, birth, and early months with baby.

✨Still in info overload? Worry you’ll need even more than just spark notes to implement all this fully in your motherhood journey? Let’s talk. 


✨ I offer varying degrees of support so you can make it happen.

Motherhood with no regrets. No compromises.

Get just the guide ($99):  

Guide + 1 month of Guidance via text and optional weekly calls to answer all your questions & concerns ($150)

**Please let me know if your best email is different from PayPal**

Guide will be emailed to you

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