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About Anna

My Story


My name is Anna Lopez, a wife, homeschooling mom of four, natural parenting and healthy living educator, babywearer, energy worker, and an ex-engineer. I have long had a passion for helping people and a strong interest in nutrition, fitness, mind-body synergy, and birth. My route to here offering services has been a long crazy adventure leading me through biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, and structural engineering, until a rare brain surgery intervened that finally set me on my true path. The path of seeking healing in its fullest form and sharing all I learn along the way in hopes of helping others on their own healing journeys.

My healing journey took me all the way back to addressing factors that started early on in my life and very slowly culminated into problems I experienced in adulthood. That formed my blueprint for how I wanted to parent my children - by instinct, supported by copious research. I started to share my passion and knowledge of parenting by instinct. Life got simpler, baby was happier, and the whole family was healthier and more relaxed. As I continued researching my parenting choices I found a lot of was rooted in old traditions, biological needs, and a return to nature. Teaching natural parenting practices (such as babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, and babyled weaning) and guiding families into healthy living evolved into MindBodyBabie.

Some factors in my journey were unexplainable by any medical or scientific means. Those were rooted in the metaphysical. Soul patterns. Astrotraveling. Physically experiencing energy shifts and signals. I learned to harness those gifts and use them for healing - myself and others.


Certifications/ credentials:

Usui Reiki Level 1 

Advanced IET

NASM certified personal trainer focusing on prenatal and postpartum training

DONA trained birth doula

I run a local homeschooler group

I host mother's support/healing groups. 

Volunteer babywearing educator with New York Babywearing.

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