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Trust nature. Trust your body. Trust yourself. 

Your resource for healthy living and natural parenting. Creating communities and meaningful relationships for mothers and babies.

You want to have a natural pregnancy and birth?

You've done your research, decided to have your baby naturally, perhaps even hired a doula. Then, doubt creeps in, you hear few success stories, there is pressure to give in to protocol. You worry if something unplanned pops up you'll falter and your dream will burst. You will have failed your baby. Wouldn’t it be great to ease your worries and trust your body? After reading this book you will have all the tools you need to easily follow your instincts throughout your pregnancy and birth. Your mind and body will be aligned to allow for the natural pregnancy and birth you desire. Author, Natural Parenting and Holistic Living expert, Anna Lopez, will show you how to: 

Learn how to trust your body and your instincts so you can be confident in your birth outcome

Weigh your options for a natural pregnancy and birth in any scenario

Eat and exercise in a way that optimizes your chances for a natural birth

Enjoy your pregnancy and birth with over 15 natural comfort measures

Feel loved, supported, and empowered throughout your pregnancy and at your birth

Intuitive Birth reads like Orgasmic Birth meets Beyond the Sling. If you want a practical guide to your natural, empowering, pregnancy and birth, this book is a must read! Get your copy today and start enjoying your pregnancy.

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